Thursday, 22 September 2011

Sleek and MUA beauty haul

Hey dolls how are you all? Hope you are all well, I am good if a little tired today. I have had to work harder than usual this week as I lost time after school Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday due to meetings and parents evening, so my usual timetable for marking and planning had to be abandoned for the week in favour of a re-jigged version. This makes me panic a bit (I do not like to deviate from my usual routine!) but I have made it work with careful planning and some extra hours this evening. I drove home at 6.15 and arrived home at 7, which was a nice time to drive, quiet, plus the sky was just beautiful, masses of clouds tinged with red scudding through the sky and the sun began to set. Lush : ) Upon arrival home, I was instantly hit by the smell of chicken pie in the oven and the whistle of the kettle in the background. Hubby had also purchased my favourite crisps and dip as a pre-dinner snack so I am a happy girl to say the least!

Today's post is an extension from my last post (see here) and the new beauty products I purchased at the weekend. First up the Sleek blush in 'Suede'. As I said before, I really like this shade because it is a nice warm peachy tone that lights up the face beautifully. I have been wearing this product all week now and have been extremely impressed with the longevity of the product. It is still clear to see at the end of the day, and rivals my much more expensive blushers in terms of quality and pigment. The palette is really big too so it will last for a long time, and the mirror in the lid is an added bonus. It does not come with a brush but who uses those stupid tiny little brushes some blushers come with anyway? My Ruby and Millie blusher brush gives a much better result.

'Suede' shade at the end of a long day. I really like the natural peachy tone.

The second product I tried was the MUA nail polish. It is a milky brown shade which I like because it looks smart and professional, and a bit different to my usual pinky and red colours. In terms of quality, the polish is easy to apply and the brush is just the right size to get a neat result. Two coats are perfect for even coverage and it dries quite quickly. I used a base coat and a top coat and the polish lasted 2 days without any chips. So for me, that was only downside, I like polishes to last around 4 days without chipping. Having said that, considering the polish only cost £1 and was good in all other respects I can forgive it. I will probably buy more from the range and keep them for nights out when it doesn't matter too much how long the polish is going to last.
Love this shade
That's everything for today, I am so excited that its Friday tomorrow, my best friend will be back from Turkey so I will be able to do some proper shopping at last on Saturday (as much as I love hubby, he's just not a good shopping partner!) xoxo


  1. Gorgeous nail colour, so pretty! xx

  2. I love the shade of nail polish, but never heard of the brand before. And the blush gives a natural peachy glow. Have a fab weekend hun xoxo

  3. Ohh that nail colour is lovely! Very subtle!

  4. LOVING that nail color and happy shopping tomorrow :)

  5. The brand is pretty new Adele, I think it is sold exclusively in Superdrug. xx

  6. I love the MUA nail colour and they are great for the price!

  7. Love the nail polish!Looks great!


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