Saturday, 17 September 2011

A day at the (dragon boat) races

Hello dolls and a very happy Saturday to you all! I had quite a day today! Once a year, my husband and his work colleagues take part in a Dragon boat race at Bewl Water (a very large resevoir about 40 minutes from where I live) in support of their very worthwhile team charity, the NSPCC. Around 60 teams enter, and we have always placed in the top 10 for the past 3 years of taking part. I am not part of the rowing team (fortunately for the men!), I am the drummer which is amazingly fun, an andrenalin rush and at times, perilous! I shout timings to the men, encouragement and distance to the finish line. Luckily I have a pretty loud voice so my voice reaches to the men at the back too! This year we placed 9th which is a pretty good result, and shows how hard they all worked training on the Thames in their hours after work. The weather was very hit and miss, and we spent a lot of time waiting to get on the boat, huddled together, braving the wind and rain coming off the water. Fortunately Simon's company provide a large marquee for us to chill in for the rest of the time! So a fun day, and something a bit different to the usual Saturday, that's for sure!

My hubby : ) This picture was from race day in 2009 (notice the sunny sky!!)
The Birse Bulldogs 2009 - so sunny I was able to wear shorts! This year was a very different story!
I have not done an outfit post for today as I was huddled up in layers of (not so glamorous) clothing! This is the only day of the year where I really don't care much about what I look like, I am happy with my hair pulled back in a ponytail, big hoodie, joggers and Uggs, and minimal makeup. Having said that, I do still ensure I have a full face of makeup - just a lot less than usual! My one 'cannot live without' product on a day like today where longevity is key, is Bobbi Brown long wear gel eyeliner in black. A fine line along the top lash line and a couple of coats of mascara guarantees a flawless and groomed look, that lasts all day long. I have never used an eyeliner that is so long lasting and I don't think I will ever deviate from this product!

Bobbi Brown, around £16.50

I also recommend the Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner brush. When I bought the eyeliner, the sales assistant gave me some spiel about how the brush was essential to get a perfect result, and although I knew she was just on the hard sell, I bought it as I was in a rush and couldn't be bothered to decline. I have to say I am glad I did though as the brush is perfectly angled for the job and gives a brilliant result every time.

Ultra fine eyeliner brush around £21
Well that's all my news for today, I am settling in now for Dr Who, X Factor and a takeaway. I have some fun plans for tomorrow so will update you all soon : ) xoxo


  1. lovely post.... 8)
    on my blog there's a fashion competition...i wait you there and enjoy the game!!

  2. lovely post.... 8)
    on my blog there's a fashion competition...i wait you there and enjoy the game!!

  3. hey dear, i just found your blog. a stylish teacher?! that's so cool!! (at my school they were quite the opposite, haha)
    i love bobbi brown...i think i have to check out this eyeliner you recommend...looks great!
    following you now!! :)
    xx romi

    p.s.: maybe you wanna have a look at my blog and follow back...i'd be very happy :)

  4. Lovely blog post as usual :)
    Lucy xx

  5. cute pics and i love your new header!

  6. I have a Maybelline gel liner and can't get used to it at all! Hope you have better luck than me with yours!

  7. I heard the Maybelline one was good too, maybe its just a case of practice makes perfect?? The Bobbi Brown one glides on so easily which is another reason I love it xx

  8. I love gel eye liner. They work so well!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  9. such cool things:) lovely writing aswell girly!;)

  10. Congratulations on coming 9th! I've been to Bewl Water :)
    I have the Maybelline gel eye liner, it's fab - really long wearing!


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