Saturday, 16 June 2012

Saturday sale buys (gasp)

Well a happy Saturday to all, and a mini pat on the back to me for managing to only leave a week between blogging rather than more than a month! Work is still nuts, but at least another two exams have passed, and there is only one to go, this coming week. I am still relishing this, well frankly, piss poor weather, and the chance to (not) wear all my gorgeous new summer clothes. Ever the optimist, I purchased the most gorgeous maxi dress in Budapest last week, but of course back here its too feckin' cold to wear the blasted thing. One to save for the holiday perhaps, or to dive upon if we should miraculously get another sunny day this year.

One good thing (playing hard and fast with the word 'good') about the lack of remotely warm weather is the fact that the summer sales have started earlier this year. Sales and I do not normally mix, and I have been quite vocal about this in the past. Hell, usually I avoid sales like the plague, and the zombie-like women that frequent the shops at this time of year (no offence if you like sales, I just mean hordes of women on a mission, me not remotely interested in sales and being pushed out the way by over zealous females). I have become better at sales shopping over the past few years though, but in a selective fashion (high end department and high street only), and use the opportunity to stock up on good quality basics. A good example of this is the Isabella Oliver perfect extra long tee that normally sells for £49.00. At sale time, these can be purchased in an array of colours for £34.30 which I think is pretty good knowing the quality and longevity of the tee.

So, back to today. I spent a lovely day in London with friends, afternoon tea at the Sanderson and a little shopping on Regent's street. I managed to rugby tackle my way into the eye-watering busy Cos and have a quick rifle through the sales shelves. I love Cos. Love love love. Gorgeous quality basics, well made and cut, heaven. A couple of purchases later, happy days.

Some great basics: white longer length top, reduced to £17.50 (from £25), and draped black linen cardigan, £34.50 (reduced from £69)
Afternoon tea and cocktails! So so yum, complete recommend this afternoon tea..
And last but not least today, a lovely little surprise waiting for me on arrival home, my subscription gift from Easy Living magazine:

Multi fix oil and multi purpose balm.
Pretty pleased, this is a brand I have not tried before, and both products retail for just over £20 (the subscription itself was only £12 for the year, amazing). Scarily, the multi purpose balm is targeted at 'lips, nipples and dry skin' Nipples?? Thought about this for a while and wondered if I was missing a trick, then realised it was probably for breast feeding women. Either that or I really did miss that class at school. Until next time XX

Friday, 8 June 2012

Return of the blog

OK I'll admit, I've not been the most committed blogger of late. I'd love to say its because I've been having so much frickin' fun that I've not had time to sit and write, but the truth is I have been working. Working, and working a bit more, owing to the fact it is the dreaded exam season, and I have 100 odd elves ready to take GCSEs and A Levels. So boo to blogging and hello to hours of revision sessions, marking mock papers and tutoring pupils needing extra help. Still, it will all be over next week (huge sighs of relief), and I'd be lying if I said I hadn't had a bit of fun of late. This week is half term, and I've just returned from the beautiful Budapest!

With this blog post comes a smidge of smugness, as I feel I finally managed to crack successful packing for short mini-break type city breaks. In the past, much to hubby's dismay, I've insisted in putting a gigantic suitcase in the hold, filled with enough shoes to kit out my own mobile shop, jewellery, multiple day and night outfits depending on weather, occasion, mood etc etc. Exhausting, and never needed. This time however, I planned. I (shamefully) wrote out my to-pack list during mass with year 8, squiralled away at the back, pen and notebook balanced on one knee, one eye on the pupils placed strategically around me. This list was re-written, as weather predictions were checked and re-checked. I packed light summer outfits, light layers and just enough accessories to provide a change of look when needed. The case closed with ease and I earnt an extra good wife point from hubby (enough to earn me a new Pandora charm at the airport, score). So now for some of these outfits for you perusal... ; )

Travelling to Budapest outfit
Nude vest top (unseen) H & M
White linen oversize jumper new season Zara
White beaded Pashmina Mint Velvet
Floral jeans Zara
Ballet pumps Marks and Spencer (old season)
First day in Budapest
Swapped the jumper for a light Mango tee
Beaded toe post sandals by Marks and Spencer
Dinner outfit
White linen oversize jumper new season Zara
Zebra pattern scarf Zara
Jacquard pattern trouser Zara
Cheapie Primark matt gold flip flops (aka lifesavers - new sandals had caused blisters, bugger).
Mulberry postman's lock hobo bag

Dinner outfit
Same items as above but with my amazing Primark floral jeans - so similar to the Citizens of Humanity floral jeans I had my eye on... at £13 the Primark ones seemed a money savvy option, particularly for an item that may prove a bit of a one season wonder. I love.
Beautiful sunny day
Sheer dress DKNY
Sunglasses by Missoni
Beaded toe post sandals by Marks and Spencer
Mulberry postman's lock hobo bag
Chunky necklace Forever 21
Outfit as above, closer up of necklace
Back bustle detail of DKNY dress
Well back to earth now, back to insane wind and rain and weather that more closely resembles bloody October than June! Hopefully the blog posts will be more frequent from now on, particularly as exams as so close to over... gulp... ; )