Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Admitting defeat...maternity shopping part one

Part one because I'm sure there will be a part two, three, four etc etc in the months leading up to August. As much as I love shopping and have been vastly enjoying my new found addiction (baby shopping, in case you were wondering!), maternity shopping has not massively appealed to me for a few reasons:

1) This would be an actual admittance of weight gain
2) Maternity clothes in my head do not seem massively exciting
3) I like my regular clothes. I want to spend money on regular clothing, not maternity.

Brushing my concerns aside, I conceded today that at 15 weeks, and with much in my wardrobe straining at the hip,waist,thigh, it was finally time to delve into the world of maternity. And actually, I was pleasantly surprised. I thought I would start with work wear as my usual dresses are bordering on uncomfortable now. I visited a few stores that I knew did maternity clothing, as well as a couple that don't (Zara, are you listening - it's time to start making maternity wear). Zara's new collection proved a massive tease, although I was able to purchase a couple of items that had enough stretch/manoeuvrabilty to pass as maternity wear. I stupidly tried on a pair of jeans in an 8 though and almost cried when they would not do up. I considered buying them and stitching elastic into the hip, but then caught myself: A) I would never get round to doing this and B) This would still provide only a temporary solution. Jeans shopping is next on my list, but, (deep breathes), I'm putting this off further as every pair of maternity jeans I have seen scares the bejeesus out of me. It's the elastic I think. With only two pairs of jeans left that fit me though, this is a mission I'm not going to be able to put off for much longer...

Anyway, pushing those thoughts aside, and moving onto to more joyful things, my haul from today!

Today's outfit:
Long line white vest: Primark
Oversized boucle jumper: Primark
Lear print scarf: H & M
Khaki skinny jeans: Zara
Black biker boots: Dune
Leather double rivet bracelet: Mulberry
Postmans lock hobo: Mulberry

First stop: Zara
Black and white striped dress: £25.99. I thought this was be good for work, easy to wear with tights and flats or boots.

First stop : Zara
Draped linen t-shirt dress: 25.99. I really liked this as it is very much my usual style and can be worn with tights or with jeans and boots at pictured. Plenty of room for the growing bump too!

Next up: Topshop
It's a good job I liked and purchased this dress because I was severely disappointed with the changing rooms. Absolutely tiny and curtains that would not properly close. Seriously, how hard is it??! Anyway, another good dress for work, again with tights and flats, not jeans and boots as above! Maternity floral midi dress - £36.

Final stop: Blooming Marvellous at Mothercare
Note the much better changing room - spacious and lockable door! (Take note Topshop). I was really impressed with this range and will revisit as I need more bits and pieces. This dress had a really good fit and will be good for work as well as weekend wear. Stripe maternity dress - £22

Final stop: Blooming Marvellous at Mothecare
Another good work dress, this is a really nice fabric and will provide plenty of room for growth over the coming months. Black belted dress - £30

So that was it for the clothing haul, I also purchased a few more items of baby clothing (of course), some maternity tights and two new pieces of granny spandex... oh yes the maternity bra. To be fair, these do actually look like regular bras, which believe me, has been an absolute mission to find.
I am sure I will soon have more to share, it's the baby show on Friday and I cannot wait! I am not sure the husband shares my sentiment...

Friday, 8 February 2013

Have I mentioned...

It's official. I have baby-itis-baby-mad-omnia. Ok I've clearly made up that word (if you can call that a word), but the sentiment is true. I wonder if all newly pregnant women feel this way. Somehow, I am quite convinced that they do.

I wouldn't go so far as to say I have become a baby bore, but I'm not far off. I need to calm the freak down, but in my defence (there is no defence, I am just a highly excitable woman), there is too much out there for me to pore over, make lists of, scrapbook, blah blah blah! To say that the world of baby is oh so new to me would not entirely be true, I have always had the perfect images in my (slightly neurotic) head of perfect prams, a perfect nursery and the cutest baby clothes known to man. The more I search though, the more I come across, and the longer the list gets. I'm sure Mr TIS is having nightmares about the items I am absolutely certain we will need for the baby. His face paled a tad when I revealed that I had booked tickets for the Excel baby show at the end of this month. I'm sure he has visions of hauling a load of baby gear back to the car, only to return to purchase more. Must try to reassure him, or he may suddenly come down with his own anti version of baby-itis-mad-omnia and be unable to attend! (Not that this would stop me...)

To finish today, I am polishing my halo as I have not left is so long since blogging, and I have also managed to snap a few pictures into the bargain. Mostly to document my growing stomach as I am still fairly disbelieving that I am actually increasing in size and feel that I need some kind of proof (It's not like I could just look down or anything, oh no).

Work today:
Red leopard print dress: Michael Kors
Grey cardi: H & M
Tights: Marks and Spencer
Black flats: H & M
Bracelet: Pandora
Casual dinner out tonight:
Longline line cream vest: Primark
White jersey top: Forever 21
Beige jersey scarf: Cos
Light jeans: River Island (my loosest pair round the waist, one of the only pairs that still fits. Bizarre as they are actually a size 6).
High tops: Converse
Bracelet: Pandora
Work in the week:
Grey leopard print dress (noticing a pattern here!): Primark
Black tights (unseen): Marks and Spencer
Black boots (unseen): Faith
Bracelet: Pandora

 Expect normal service to resume in about six months... on second thoughts... : D

Sunday, 3 February 2013

I have some news...

So I'm blogging again after a relatively short absence (one month - not my worst record, but let's skate over that fact anyway...) . In my defense, I have been rather preoccupied and in a short scroll you will find out why...

I am pregnant! Baby Bradley pictured here at 12 weeks. : )
It is such a relief to have it out in the open! My last 4 weeks or so have been completely taken over with scans, appointments, vital baby research.. (oh yes, there is a new obsession in town!) Plus as any woman who is pregnant or has had a baby will know, the first trimester is an exhausting time, and I have struggled to stay awake in the evenings, so blogging has well and truly been shelved! Thankfully, I am starting to recover some of my energy now, so much so that I have been shopping twice in two days! Mr TIS has been rather happy delighted  with the fact that we have been staying it at weekends, as I have not had the energy to drag him round the shops! The tide is turning now though, what with increased energy, the 12 week scan done and dusted, and many, many baby items to be perused and purchased! (I apologise in advance S, life is going to be tough for you for the next few months!)

The baby is due on August 12th, so I am looking forward to lots of gorgeous summer maternity clothes. I'm picturing maxi dresses and flip flops galore! For the time being however, I will finish with a round up of a few recent outfits, including today where I think I can see a hint of baby bump... my waist has definitely expanded over the past week or so!

Cream long line vest top - Primark
White linen oversize jumper - Zara
Black skinny jeans - Zara
Monochrome snake scarf - M & S
Hi-tops - Converse
Beige long line vest - Primark
Burgundy oversize jumper- H & M
Zebra print scarf - Zara
Dark blue jeans - H & M
Shearling cuff boots - Red or Dead
As above with:
Leather biker jacket - Zara
Grey wrist-warmers - H & M
Mulberry postman's lock hobo bag
Today - boring but it was bloody cold!:
White long line vest top - Primark
White linen long sleeve top - Zara
Light blue jeans - River Island
Black long line cardi (underneath coat) - TK Maxx
Shearling cuff boots - Red or Dead
Khaki parka - H & M
And second 'bump' picture... I am definitely more rounded... still looking a bit like I've eaten too much though!!
And to finish, a few little bit and pieces we have bought the baby... I intended to wait longer but just couldn't resist a few bits and bobs! The above have come from M & S, Mamas and Papas and Baby Gap. I'm pretty sure the husband is having nightmares about my spending habits and the next few months... a whole new shopping world has opened up to me and I could not be any more excited!!
More soon (she says optimistically with fingers firmly crossed!) XX