Sunday, 1 April 2012

Shiny Happy Sunday

Hello chocolate crispy cakes, I hope everyone is well and has enjoyed the weekend! How amazing was the weather today! I love being able to walk around with no coat, Spring is awesome!

Another thing that is awesome is the fact that the Easter holidays have arrived! I could not be any more thrilled to have a whole 2 weeks off work! Hubby has a week off too which is great, and we have some amazing things coming up! Firstly, it is our first Wedding anniversary (have no idea where the last year went, it flew by!). We are travelling to London the day after our anniversary for afternoon Pret-a-Portea at the Berkeley in London, then onwards to see the show The Jersey Boys, and then a night in a hotel, and who know what the next day! I am so excited, I have a new dress to wear, and hubby is treating me to a designer gift (still undecided right now, although erring towards another Mulberry!). So that will be fab, plus I am looking forward to a lot of chilling in the hols, some baking and maybe a little home project or too!

Anyways, back to today. Hubby and I took a trip to Lakeside for a browse and lunch. We are looking for a coffee table but still cannot find one we like. Nonetheless, we purchased two new sets of plates and bowls from Next which I found quite exciting... think I am seriously getting old! I also bought a couple of dresses which hopefully I will have opportunity to wear and photograph soon!

Just a little OOTD for you all...

I wore my new Vero Moda sleeveless shirt and Zara sandals from my Westfield trip last Sunday, my River Island jeans and a brown River Island belt.
Well that's everything for now, I am off to make a pizza (slightly addicted to making Pizzas now and trying new ingredients, I bought some Pepperdew peppers in Waitrose today to try!) More soon XOXO


  1. Have a great time in London, the fashion themed afternoon teas at the Berkeley sound wonderful :)

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

  2. really cute outfit for a shopping trip! x

  3. Happy anniversary, hope you have a lovely time in London :) xx

  4. Happy Anniversary hun, have fun in London! I love your Zara sandals BTW!!
    Have a great Monday xoxo


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