Saturday, 24 September 2011

Saturday Style

Hey cupcakes, happy Saturday to you all, hope you have had a great day! I have had a fabulous day, I had a bit of a shopping marathon with best friend Clare which was so fun. We shopped all day and I bought some great stuff, a few tops from H & M, some makeup and a little treat for the house from one of my homeware stores, Dwell. We had a good look around one of my favourite jewellery shops, Thomas Sabo, and I spotted some bit and pieces for my Christmas list! So excited it seems to be getting closer and closer, nearly October now! We had lunch in one of my favourite restaurants, Cafe Rouge, I opted for a dessert and hot chocolate instead of a starter and thoroughly enjoyed their chocolate tarte and hot chocolate. Yum : )

Sleek Make up eye palette in Oh so special.  This is my second Sleek eye palette, I  have  had  the 'Storm' palette before and absolutely loved it. The eye shadows are highly pigmented and mineralised, meaning excellent results. The quality is fantastic too, they last all day long.
I spotted these in Dwell a while ago but they sold out so I've had to wait for them to come back in. Three wise monkeys set in white ceramic. Not a brilliant picture but they can be viewed in their full glory here. I am completely in love with this shop, everything is so cool and contemporary, I have my eye on a floor lamp next... ; )
I saw this top in H & M the other day when we went to town to get hubby's hair cut ,  I really like the  smart style but think it can be dressed up for work with a skirt, but just as easily worn with jeans at the weekend. Love the colours.
I really liked this little cardi as it's a bit different with the red stripes, plus I love the suede elbow patches!

Well that's everything for now, hubby and I are now relaxing with an Indian takeaway for dinner, X Factor on the telly and a nice new stack of magazines... bliss : ) xoxo


  1. i love that make up palette!so amazing!also that h&m top is so cute :)

  2. i love that shirt with the beige collar!

    xo zebra and meerkat

  3. that red cardi is so cute! i watch the X factor as well! i love it!

    happy sunday!
    jos xx

  4. Oo cute cardigan! The sleek palette is gorgeous.
    Lucy x

  5. The eyeshadow palette looks really pretty!

  6. Me too, I have seen elbow patches on a lot of clothes recently, I have a new blazer that has them too! xx

  7. So obsessed with elbow patches! What a great cardigan!!


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