Friday, 19 August 2011

Dans mon sac il ya...

Happy Friday lovely ladies!! Hope you have all had a fabulous week, I have had another nice relaxing week, and on Thursday I picked up my A Level results for my class which were very pleasing so I am a very happy girl : )

Today I decided to do a 'whats in my bag post' as I am always fascinated by other peoples similar posts (guess I am just a bit nosy!!) : )OK so the main items I carry on a daily basis are (from left to right, top to bottom)

1) My D & G sunglasses - I have lots of sunglasses but my favourites are my D & G pair, they are classic tortoishell, oversized and very glamorous.

2) My Vivienne Westwood purse - I bought this for myself as a birthday treat last year and I love the monogrammed style and gorgeous gold Westwood logo on the top.

3) Bottle of water - I always carry water, my favourite is Evian, or sometimes I use my bobble bottle (a water bottle with a filter) although I tend to keep this for exercise.

4) My keys - Hehe obvious one here, I have my own car key, a key for hubby's Audi, a glossy pink 'C' and a diamante 'D' (Now I am married, I need to get a 'B'!)

5) My butterfly notepad and swarovski pen -My notepad is my daily lifesaver and completely essential! I use my notepad for writing daily to do lists, monthly to do lists, ideas for blog posts, ideas for days out, appointments, anything really! It keeps me organised and makes me feel sorted and calm. My pen is pretty and filled with little swarovski crystals : )

6) Elizabeth Arden eight hour cream -Essential! This product has won so many awards, Elizabeth Arden originally designed it to soften her horses hooves, and it is now a must have for softening chapped skin and lips. I use it all the time.

7) Calvin Klein 'Beauty' perfume - I always carry perfume, this is a current favourite, it smells delicious!

8) Lipglosses - Lancome juicy tube, Maybelline color sensational lip pen (blogged about here), Bobbi Brown lipgloss and Elizabeth Arden eight hour cream lip balm. I always carry a good selection of lipglosses and lipbalms as I like to be spoilt for choice! Every bag I own has about 4 lip products in, plus I have lip balms stashed all over my house too... : )

9) Iphone - Another cannot-live-without item! I use my phone for organising myself, facebook, emails, checking the news...

10) Lancome palette - As well as lipglosses, I like to keep an eye palette in my bag too. This one has some really nice neutral colours, and the added bonus of a lip cream tray below the eyeshadows.

11) Nail products - As I blogged about here, I have been trying to improve my nails after wearing acrylics for many years. I therefore use the award winning Leighton Denny crystal nail file which is really kind on nails and lasts a lifetime. I also carry a hand cream and another award winning product, CND Solar Oil, which come in a nail polish type bottom, but is an oil that is painted onto cuticles to soften and strengthen them.

My bag is a Jasper Conran slouch bag that is very roomy so perfect for my day to day life!

Before I go, can I just ask for you to vote for me in a facebook competition? I have entered a 'family portrait' picture (me and my bunny!) and I would love you to vote for me! To make this easier I have added the picture at the top of my blog, if you click on it it will take you to the facebook page where you can vote. I think you may have to 'like' the Westfield stratford city page first, and then you can vote for my picture! Thank you so much xoxo


  1. Thank you xx Love Vivienne Westwood so much, I want one of her bags in the future!! xx

  2. who doesn't love these type of posts? who isn't nosy to know what people carry in their large bags? basically, i have similar things like you! the most important ones are obviously money, my sundglasses and tissues!!!

    jos xx

  3. Love it! and i love the color of your gloss super pretty

  4. I love your purse, I don't think anyone can go wrong with a classic purse.

    As such a nosy person I love these types of posts!


  5. I want that vivienne westwood purse! super cute! <3

  6. interesting blog)

  7. Love your bag, I did this post too yesterday :) I love reading What's in my bag posts.
    Lucy xx

  8. LOVE this post!
    I'm a huge fan of the pen, your choice of beauty product, and the way you organize your life.
    kerri at HollyMuffin

  9. Love your purse :)
    Love these kinds of posts ! my bag is far too messy to show anyone !

  10. I just carry rubbish around in my bag, so I could never do a post like this. I do love to be nosy though. Your VW purse looks gorgeous x


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