Friday, 12 August 2011

My week in pictures

What I ate: Lots of home made, locally sourced food! Being at home is an excellent excuse to indulge my domestic side, and I have been visiting little organic farm shops for all my fruit and veg. As I blogged about here, I made a lovely chicken Korma that went down very well in my household! Today, I made some cupcakes using a recipe from my new Primrose bakery book. They were a light vanilla sponge topped with a rich vanilla buttercream (which I piped using my new piping set from Lakeland) So yum, perfect afternoon snack!

What made me happy: Lots of different things are making me happy at the moment, and my house bunny Woody is definitely one of them! He is the kindest, tamest, loveliest bunny I have ever met and I just want to squish him with cuddles! He is also a fan of my home grown organic veg, and has today been munching on purple sprouting broccoli and carrots! Only the best for my boy! : ) xx

What I am dreaming of: Right now I am dreaming of a trip to Moscow early next year! One of my best friends Anna will be there for 6 months for her second law placement and has invited me and another best friend to visit. Flights are reasonable but visas look set to be more difficult as you have to have a Russian citizen invite you into the country... there are ways round it but its tricky so I envisage a trip to the Russian embassy in London at some point!! Still, I am already dreaming about the Kremlin and the Red square and hope that we do get to go...

What I have purchased this week: Firstly, I am very excited to have got my hands on the heritage tweed jacket from new season H & M that I blogged about here - in London I was unable to locate a small size, but I managed to find one size 8 in the Maidstone branch! Cashback! I also purchased a few little bits and bobs for my nails this week, a strengthening clear varnish by Sally Hansen, a lovely pink shade by GOSH cosmetics and a gorgeous little pink tube of hand cream that I bought for my handbag! Lastly, I bought some bits and bobs for the house, including a little 'home' sign for my hallway wall : )

What I am listening to: Right now, Radio 2! Great mix of classics and debate about current events have kept me amused in the kitchen all day! I have also been listening to hubbys Metronomy album, and re-living memories of the Big Chill festival : )

What I am looking forward to next week: Firstly, I am looking forward to a leisurely lunch and catch up at Rocket in Canary Wharf, London with 3 very good friends, and then some shopping in the afternoon. I am also looking forw ard to going into school to pick up the kids AS and A Level results... nervous as well but they did their exams such a long time ago, I just need to know!!

Hope you all had a lovely week, it's Friday.... : ) xx


  1. Your bunny is uber cute :3

  2. I recently purchased Sally Hensen "No Chip Acrylic Top Coat" and its great! I also love their Insta-Dri colors, its one coat polish that doesn't chip quickly and dries in like a min!

    I'm going to review it on my blog, hope you can stop by!

    Liv @

  3. Your bunny is soo cute! I had a bunny when I was 3, but he chewed everything in sight! Pretty blue nail polish :)


  4. Ooo I will look out for that Olivia, I am really impressed with the product I have been using, so I am interested to see what other products are like. Bunnies are notorious chewers rebel, Woody is pretty good though, he hasn't chewed since he was a very little bunny, although saying that, if we leave a wire within reach he will have bitten through it in seconds! xx

  5. Aww, your bunny is so cute - I've always wanted a bunny! My cats would probably torture it though :\ x

  6. love the look of that jacket. Thanks for visiting my blog!

  7. Ohh, the photograph of St Basils is gorgeous <3 It is quite possibly my favourite building in the entire world, and has been since I was about nine!

    Lost in the Haze

  8. It is such a breathtaking cathedral, I want to go so much!! Really hope I get the chance next year xx

  9. Aw your bunny is so cute, I've always wanted a bunny, right now I'm stuck with a hamster hes cute though :) The pink nailvarnish is nice!
    Lucy xx

  10. I agree with you about the cuteness of bunnies washing their faces! haha
    Woody is very cute, I'd like Sawyer to be a house bunny but he's too cheeky he'd probably chew everything! x

  11. Woody is pretty good, he chewed more when he was a baby but we bought stuff from Pets at home to spray on furniture and that deterred him! Now the only thing he will actively try to chew is any cable that may be left lying around... love him xx


Thank you for all your lovely comments, I read each and every one xoxo