Thursday, 4 August 2011

New Jewels

Hi dolls, hope your are all having a lovely week, almost Friday now yay! After the beautiful sunshine we have been enjoying in the UK this week, the weather was not so good today, raining constantly for much of the day. Luckily I had done all my shopping and trips out and spent the day packing and organising for our festival trip tomorrow! I am sooo excited and have everything prepared which makes me even happier. The suitcase is packed and sorted into day and night outfits, I have packed an extra bag of food and snacks, and lastly, I have printed all of the information I previously researched, including details of restaurants, castles and historic houses to visit, and directions to our hotel and the festival. Oh and i've packed the festival tickets, don't want to forget those! Hubby is home from work now so all we need to do is take it easy and wait for the fun to begin!

Anyways, todays post is a showcase of some new jewellery I have bought recently. I keep seeing gorgeous little gems everywhere I go and I can't help indulging! One shop I am really looking forward to visiting next week is Forever 21, which has opened a new branch on Oxford Street. I couldn't find it (did I ever mention I am rather directionally challenged!) when I visited Oxford Street the other day, so hubby has promised to help me find it when we head to London next Tuesday. I keep reading about how good the shop is, and how brilliant the jewellery is, so I am very excited!!

From top to bottom:

1) Shimmery green stone set on gold ring from H & M - £3.99

2) Amber gem stone drop earrings from New Look - £4.99

3) Bright pink and purple peace charm necklaces from Topshop - £1.50 each (in sale)

4) Silver with gemstone flower ring from New Look - £4.99

5) Long silver chain with large purple stone necklace - £1.99 from Boots (in sale)

6) Gold chain and charms necklace - £12.99 vintage from Rokit Covent garden

7) Long chain gold necklace with turquoise stone - £1.99 from Boots (in sale)

I love the green stoned ring from H & M, and the necklaces from Boots were a complete bargain! I only noticed them by the door as I was leaving and couldn't resisit as they were such good value! Love the vintage necklace too as it is different and very 'ghetto gold' (Carrie's phrase for cocktail gold jewellery!) Hopefully I will be showcasing some of this jewellery this weekend at the festival!

Hope you like, I can't wait to share my festival outfits with you all when I get back! Enjoy the weekend, hope the weather is beautiful for you!! xoxo


  1. really liking it girl! thanks for sharing:)

  2. Wonderful accessories :) Love that green ring!

  3. Love your first ring!! :)


  4. Beautiful, I love the ring :)

  5. Love it all! You can't beat a bit of Freedom at Topshop!!

  6. beautiful pieces!!!i really liked the last one,tirquoise is my little wickness ;)

  7. love the first ring..such a wonderful colour!

  8. I love gemstones! Looks gorgeous!

  9. Love those little peace necklaces! :) xx

  10. What beautiful rings! Hope you find Forever 21 soon - their jewelry selection is awesome! :)

    sorelle in style

  11. I love the first ring and those Topshop necklaces! Forever 21's jewellery section is good - I personally wasn't too impressed with their clothes though! x


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