Thursday, 16 June 2011

Shellac is my new best friend

I have worn acrylic nail extensions for as long as I can remember (it must be a good 9 years now). I think nails are important and say a lot about a person. I certainly feel a lot more professional and groomed when my nails are perfect and sporting the latest colours. Recently however, I have had an about-turn in terms of the way I want my nails to look. I have started to prefer the shorter, squoval look - more natural and smarter looking too I think. I guess working in a secondary school, I have grown tired of the look of mega long talons with super sharp edges (the kids adore these!) and I guess also, as we get older our tastes change.

So, I took the brave step of having my fake nails removed. Deep breath, breaking out into a sweat, gulp! I then researched nail artists in my area and found a fabulous local lady who specialises in all kinds of new techniques over from the US, in particular Minx and Shellac. I have since had Minx on my toes and Shellac on my nails. And I am converted, one hundred and ten per cent! The Minx on the toes (a foil that comes in a gazillion designs, melted with heat and applied to the toes, lasts at least a month on feet) is so special looking and has earned me many admiring glances and comments. The design I chose literally looks like molten gold - so gorgeous on bronzed feet in the summer! The shellac on the fingernails applies like a polish but cures like a gel. It does not smudge or chip and lasts a full two weeks (when you need a replacement due to re-growth). This comes in many colours and of course the classic french mani. Today I had my colour changed over to a gorgeous warm red shade called 'Hollywood' (see photo).

If you haven't tried Minx or Shellac yet, give them a try - they may just change the way you do your nails forever!! xx


  1. I Love your blog... I can't belive you met Gok. amazing.

    I have written back to your comment on my blog if you fancy a look.

    Emma x.x.x

  2. I know, I also bumped into Justin Lee Collins in the shoe department of Harrods a little while back, so weird, I guess London is the place for celeb spotting!! Thank you for your nice comments, I will defo be checking in regularly xx

  3. Looooove the gold! Really have been eyeing shellac the last couple of times I've had my nails done. I think I may try it! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog and for following! Yup, following back :)

  4. The Minx looks so cool! Your toes look like solid gold! ;) I have natural nails, too - I just feel it's healthier that way! My nails can breathe, haha!

    sorelle in style

  5. Very cool post! I have been looking into Shellac for a while now, but I haven't jumped off the diving-board yet! Maybe now I will.


  6. Love the toe color!

  7. i like shorter nails too! they look more chic! thank u for your comment i am following u too!

  8. thank you, I'm following you too! and I love your nail polish! I prefer short nails too ;)

  9. wow, that gold toe nails are so cool!!! thanks for comment and following, followed you back:))

  10. Thanks for visiting my blog! ❤
    That nail polish looks AMAZING! (:

  11. hiii!!! i love your blog! im definitely following! and that color on your toenails is sooo cool!

  12. wow!!!!This is amazing!!!!!!love the toes!!!!!this gold is so stunning!thank you so much for your comment!im already a follower of you blog!kisses!nandia

  13. Followed back! thanks for stopping by my blog!

  14. love your polish colors!! especially the gold ones <3

  15. WOw! love the shellac! Thanx for sharing!

  16. I have Minx in Gold in my drawer, waiting to be applied on the right occasion... Can't wait, coz they're so fab!!! LOVE YOUR BLOG too hun, im now a follower

  17. Thank you so much for visiting my blog, you blog is amazing I love your sense of style ;)

    keep more posts coming!!
    ( )

  18. Thanks for all your lovely comments! xx

  19. ahhhh I'm in love with your nails ! I want it !!!!

  20. Hi there,
    First thank you for visiting and following me.
    I get what you call 'shellac' on my nails every once in a while and yes it is very cool. I am not sure if we have the jinx you got for your toes. I have to inquire but haven't heard it.
    Love that metallic gold. It looks amazing.

  21. That nail polish color looks so unreal! It looks like your nail were made of gold. I love it!



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