Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Which Wedge?

I am looking for a pair just like this (above)

My new emerald green beauties, £39.99, Zara (also available in blue and orange)

As I watch Waterloo Road (why can I not escape school even when I'm on half term??!) my mind is fixed on two things: where is Mrs Chowdry's sheer camel pussy-bow shirt from, and how the hell am I going to get my feet open toe shoe perfect before next monday??

This second pondering has become more persistant in my mind for the past couple of days as I have just purchased a gorgeous emerald green pair of wedges from Zara and am desperate to wear them to work!

Heels in the work place. Five frightening little words for me. Don't get me wrong I love heels as much as the next woman, frequently stopping in front of a shiny shoe shop window to salivate and dream about making them my own. I am, however, more of a cab to bar kind of girl, little baby steps and a nice comfy bar stool to rest my weary toes and heels! So, wearing heels to work is not normally something I choose to advocate on a daily basis. That said, in summer, something inside flips, and with the almost daily deluge of shiny new shoes hitting the shops, its difficult to resist a nice new pair of heels, that promise to be so perfect with your new summer work wear.

So my answer is quite simple: wedges. I have always been a secret fan of the wedge, and as they never date, they are a financially savvy choice as well. For some reason, I have overlooked wedges in the past in favour of traditional high heels, platforms and courts. For that reason my shoe cupboard contains 50 + pairs of heels and only 2 pairs of wedges. This summer however, the wedge is everywhere I look and I fall more in love every single day! Keen to tap into the colour block trend I purchased a beautiful pair of green wedges the other day, with a manageable 3 inch rafia heel, and a dark brown ankle strap for extra security. Worn twice so far, once around Bluewater shopping centre for 2 hours straight, I can confidently say that they are as comfy as they are becoming. So next Monday on my return to work, I plan to pair them with a simple shift dress, chunky beads and a tan!!

It does not stop there though! I have decided that I now need a pair tan leather wedges (a friend has a lovely pair from M and S for only £35, I am now keen to find similar on the high street). I am also keen to purchase another bright pair, to clash or contrast with other bright items making up my summer wardrobe. Whichever I purchase, I am a self confirmed wedge convert, and plan to fill the wedge shaped gap in my wardrobe this summer, tomorrow if not sooner!!

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