Wednesday, 1 June 2011

ClaireaBella bags!

I just had to add a post about these wonderful bags!! My attention was drawn to these a few days ago when I glimpsed one on a celebrity in a weekly gossip mag! I knew I wanted one straight away, as the bag is roomy, beautiful, and personalised, thus appealing to the narcissistic element of my personality!

With a strong celebrity following, and each bag being produced by hand by one designer, I knew they would not be easy to get hold of, and I was proved right. When I looked yesterday, all stock was sold out, but I noticed that new stock would be arriving in limted numbers at 8am this morning. So, alarm set and laptop in sleep mode ready for a quick start, I woke up almost as excited as if it was Christmas day! And success! My bag purchased, I am one happy girl! If you want to grab your own, you will need to be quick too, (It will be worth it!) see the link below for more details:

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