Saturday, 11 June 2011

Shiny shiny super light summer pout!

When summer arrives (slightly warmer, slightly lighter for longer days = summer in Britain!) I always feel the need to go lighter with lip colours, in terms of colour and texture. This summer, we have been absolutely spoilt for choice with a whole range of new prodcuts hitting the shelves. Having purchased a few to try, I thought I would share my favourites : )

Lip Saviour 1) Clinique chubby stick moistursing lip colour balm

I love this product so much! I love the idea that it is a pencil and this makes it really easy to apply. The colours and all very wearable and perfect for summer. Also the fact that it is a balm is great, it is really soothing and feels great. I can't stop putting this on!!

Lip Saviour 2) Lancome L'Absolu Nu

This lipstick is marketed as a 'bare lip sensation' and I have to concur with this statement!! It feels so light to wear, completely unlike a lipstick. Like the Clinique chubby stick is feels really replenishing and lasts a fair while too. Lovely : )

I plan to buy the new Maybelline colour sensational next... will upload pics of the results shortly xx


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  2. ooh... that clinique balm sounds amazing!! i am all about ease and comfort in lip color, and you can't get much better than a stick of balm. the color looks like it would be flattering on anyone too... gotta get to my clinique counter asap <3shelby

  3. The Clinique balm is fab, I am going to get another in a coral shade, have really upped the self tanning recently so coral will be ideal with my tan! Clinique is really good value too xx


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