Saturday, 2 July 2011

Style at home

Once a month, my best friend and I take a shopping trip to a town nearby known for good antique and homewear shops, we shop a lot, and it is a good way to mix things up and keep things fresh. Plus, we both became homeowners in the last couple of years so buying things for our houses is a new vice! I love shopping for home goods. Almost as much as I love shopping for clothes! I think this new fascination came only when we purchased our own house - I was nowhere near as concerned when we rented. As our house is our own, I want to style it and fill it to the brim with things that we love, things that show something about our personalities, and things that remind us of the many trips and holidays we have taken over the years. Whenever we go away, I have to bring at least one thing back to remind me of the fun time we had, and the beautiful place that we visited.

Just like with clothes shopping, I like to seek out new and interesting places to purchase things for my home. I would say that I like a good mix of old and new, I adore antique furniture, but I like to mix it up with new home accessories and furnishings. Charity shops are always worth a rummage - one of my favourite finds was a beautiful glass decanter that I pour bubble bath into, and which stands proudly on the end of the bath - so much nicer than a cheap plastic bottle! I also really like some retro items and the shabby chic look. Above all, I do not like things to be too 'matchy matchy'. I also cannot stand clutter or sparsity in a home. Minimalism is a no go for me!

Below are some of my favourite and latest purchases, let me know what you think xoxo

New embroidered leaf rows cushions, £14.99 each Dunelm Mill

Our bespoke wedding invitation created by a talented year 11 boy at my school. We have framed it and hung it in our hallway

Pictures I made myself by pressing flowers from hubby and mounting on a stripy green and white card. Frames from Ikea.

Wooden elephant from Thailand to remind us of our amazing elephant trek at Khao Sok national park.

Russian dolls from my nana xoxo

My amazing new artwork! Photo in white frame created by a GCSE photography student at my school, print in black frame from Hubby will be hanging these for me this weekend, for now they rest on a shelf. Both frames from Ikea. The pink bird ornament is from TK Maxx and the white bird ornamant from a little homeware store in Tenterden. (Can you tell we like birds??!)

Purchases today, my new wooden plaque that I will be hanging somewhere in the kitchen - I really like the message.

Cute little hanging sign from Dunelm Mill.


  1. I like the pillow and the wooden message is really awesome! thank you xx Joice

  2. I love the little hanging sign. It's so cute!

    Fashion Cat

  3. the russian dolls are so cute! ♥

  4. cool! i love house decorations! the pressed flowers in frames are so cute! well done!


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