Thursday, 14 July 2011

Precious Jewels

Pieces of jewellery, like bags, are best served oversized, shiny and in large quantities, all shapes, colours and styles! I love jewellery, and find it a simple yet effective way to update an outfit, providing the vital finishing touches, sense of flair and individuality. I have to admit, when shopping, jewellery is often an afterthought for me, as I tend towards the clothes and shoes in the first instance. I do love buying jewellery though, and the way it can transform a simple outfit into something so eyecatching and unique.

I really like high street shops for jewelley, Freedom at Topshop, H & M and Miss Selfridge do jewellery really well, with an ever changing stock at pocket money prices. I also like higher end jewellery ranges such as Swarovski, Thomas Sabo, Pandora and Links of London. I enjoy treating myself to luxurious pieces of jewellery from time to time, and I love receiving such pieces for birthday and Christmas. I have had my Pandora charm bracelet for 2 years now and it still remains one of my favourites that I wear every day. I also own a Thomas Sabo charm bracelet, bought for me by hubby just before our wedding; the '2 rings' charm was also from hubby as an extra wedding gift (my other being white gold diamond earrings). I like these bracelets so much, and the way you can change the charms depending on your mood, that I treated my 3 bridesmaids to one each on my wedding day. Lastly, vintage and antique shops are brilliant for seeking out unusual pieces of jewellery you will not see on anyone else. One of my favourite necklaces came from the vintage shop Rokit in Covent garden, and it gains me many compliments whenever I wear it.

Today, I thought I would show case a few of the bracelets I have bought recently:

From top:

Snake bracelet - Primark

Studded bangles - Aldo

Turquoise perspex bangles - Freedom at Topshop

Large mirrored bangle - Primark

Stack of thin glittery and metallic bangles - Local asian craft shop, Gravesend

Pink stone bangles- Market in Thailand

Tribal bangle - Dorothy Perkins

Mirrored bangles - Dorothy Perkins

Glittery bangles from a vintage shop in Rochester
Silver heart bracelet from Urban outfitters

How cute is the little trinket box they are in??! One of my dad's charity shop finds, this is really old and I love it : )

My prized Thomas Sabo bracelet...

So ladies what are your thoughts on jewellery? Simple and discreet or stacked high and proud?? xoxoxo


  1. I really need (and want) to invest in a few statement pieces. I love jewellery and do own some beautiful treasures, but I've been minimalistic for ages and feel like it's time for something a little bit different. My problem is that I am very picky when it comes to buying anything, so I just look and look and look...

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  2. It is hard because unlike clothes, it can difficult to picture how an item of jewellery can fit into your wardrobe and existing style. I try to take risks and then if something doesn't quite work, hold onto it for when it does. There is so much choice nowadays too... and a nice new ring or bracelet makes me very happy!! xx Good luck hun xx

  3. beautiful jewelry :) of course we can follow each other,i already do!

  4. I love jewellary, as a student I don't have heaps of money to spend on clothes, so I find it can really help sprouse up old outfits. plus it's beautiful, stumbled upon your blog today, and have already clicked the follow button, it's lovely! :)

  5. Thanks for your kind comment hun, I will check out your blog and follow back xx You are so right, jewellery is an excellent way to add a new touch to older outfits xx

  6. Beautiful!!!

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  7. WOW you have quite an impressive little collection! I think my fav are the tribal bangles. So cool!

  8. Gosh I can't live without jewelry and I LOVE wearing a whole lot on my wrist :p Nice post, u triggered my jewelry shopping bug! hehe


  9. hey thanks for your comment on my blog, darling. enjoyed reading yours. following!

    keep in touch okay!


  10. definitely stacked! :) gorgeous collection

  11. adore every piece! what a cute post idea! love it!

    moonstruck exposé

    x. juliana

  12. those are some mad bangles! love emmm! <3

    I miss England sooo much :'( Looking at your brands; Aldo, Primark and omg TOPSHOPP, the onlyyy shop I miss from England!! <3 Its such a pain to order Topshop from HK :'( i have to beg my dad to transfer money to my UK account Lol!! Sooooo Jel.

    Hope you can visit my blog sometime!



  13. Beautiful bracelet! love all the collection! xx Joice

  14. Those are beautiful! I love your bracelet collection!

    Fashion Cat

  15. Great collection honey!!!Love them all!

  16. I love all of your bracelets, especially the large mirrored bangle. I love jewelry too!

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  17. Completely agree, loving the summer sunshine! And in scotland we get so little, so it's a nice wee treat :)

  18. Like these pieces! Great collection!

  19. You're right about jewellery - it can totally update an outfit. I'm a jewellery addict myself and I love big earrings combined with discreet necklaces, rings and bracelets. Yep, I like to pile it on! :)

  20. i always over load my jewelery. although i don't really like to have a bold necklace and earrings together. it's kind of one or the other for me.

  21. You re so right about jewelry!Love these ones!

  22. aww bracelets are my favourite jewelry!! love your collection!

  23. I think I agree, if one area of jewellery is particularly bold, I like to keep the rest more simple... thanks for all your lovely comments ladies xxx


Thank you for all your lovely comments, I read each and every one xoxo