Saturday, 9 July 2011

No sale

Sale. One little word that can stop you in your tracks and make your heart beat just a little bit faster. I have to admit, this tiny word, displayed large as life in a shop window, has this effect on me too. But all too often, the feeling fades as quickly as it arrived and I am left feeling disappointed. Over the years. I have come to conclude that I am simply not a sales person. So why do I still get this fluttery, excited feeling when sale time rolls around come summer and Boxing day??

I can only conclude that I feel this way because there is always a chance that there might be an amazing bargain to be had. And the stubborn part of my personality refuses to give in! I have to admit though, I very rarely find anything in the sale worthy of a second glance. All too often, the sale stock is the rubbish that did not sell the first time around. The price is vastly reduced and therefore women grab at items they would not normally consider, convinced they are about to purchase the item of a lifetime. There are exceptions of course, and I am not saying that I have never bought anything in a sale. I find that high end shops and department stores do sales the best. Zara for example tends to put the majority of their stock in the sale so you can easily find something current and stylish. Reiss is another high street chain that does a very good sale. By contrast, I find Topshop, Miss Selfridge, River Island and H & M messy, almost jumble-sale like, with items that look as if they have been kicking around in the stock room for the past 3 years. The messiness alone is enough to turn me off - I am too OCD to contemplate rifling through, and I immediately find myself drawn to the full price section.

Nonetheless, I have had a look at some sale stock this summer and found a few pleasing items from Zara. One of my favourite finds was the dress Pippa Middleton wore to the French open last month:

Full price this dress was a pretty good bargain anyway at £35.99. I was lucky enough to grab the only small left in the shop for £24.99. I love this dress because it is such an easy item to wear to work, as well as on a summers day with wedges like Pippa herself. I have also spotted this amazing bag on the Zara website for a very reasonable £19,99 (down from £39.99):
I am immediately drawn to the lovely bright colour of this bag, and the messenger shape and style is very current and would look amazing with casual weekend looks. I also know that I would buy this bag at full price, not just because it is in the sale, making it a true bargain.

What do you think of sales? I wonder what sales are like in other countries... let me know what you think, I love reading your comments xoxo


  1. this bag is so cute, love the color and the boxy style!! i love sales, this is the time when i can buy something i don't usually do:))

  2. Yep I am really drawn to bright coloured bags this summer! aww you are lucky, I really struggle to find stuff in sales! Although I do manage to every now and then so I guess I should feel grateful for that! xx

  3. I do love that bag. Hope your having a lovely weekend!

  4. Thanks hun, you too xx Hope the weather is good for you! x

  5. Thanks for the comment I am now following you=) I think it's so cool that you're a teacher and are really into fashion. I am going to school to be a teacher (still have 2 yrs of school) and I love fashion too!
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  6. Love the dress! And yes... Sale is a magical word.


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  8. lovely outfit and blog, I am following you

  9. Great blog ! Love the pics ! Follow u !! Follow back :) ?


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