Saturday, 5 November 2011

What's in my shopping bags??

Hello cinnamon swirls how are you all this Saturday?? I am super happy today, hubby had a late hockey match so I decided to take a little trip to Bluewater shopping centre. I went quite late so it was nice and quiet, and I spent a blissful few hours browsing and purchasing some gorgeous new things!

Can you see that my hair is lighter?? I spent two nights stripping the very dark almost black colour out with Colour B4, before re-dying a chocolatey brown colour. I really like it : )
 What I wore: I wore some of my new Westfield purchases, I really like this sheer dotty Zara shirt, today I wore it tucked into my new skinny Zara jeans. I paired the outfit with some H & M ballet pumps, my Mulberry bag and some simple diamond stud earrings. I have to say I have been really impressed with the Zara jeans, I am not sure I have ever mentioned how much I struggle with buying jeans that fit properly. For years the only ones that have fitted me have been River Island, size 6 skinny jeans. I have dabbled with Topshop, Next and even Victoria Beckham denim, but have ultimately been disappointed as the jeans have all stretched and ended up poor fitting, which I really hate. In the past I have tried on Zara jeans but not purchased them thinking the same would happen, however, I really liked this pair so decided to take a chance. I wore them all day long for the first time today and they stayed snug as a bug in a rug! Love them : )

What's in my bags??!
I had a little wander round Lush and purchased a Phoenix Rising bath bomb (£2.95) for a bit of pampering tomorrow night before work, as well as Mask of Magnaminty face mask (£4.75). I have used this product in the past and really love it, it is so refreshing.
Jumper from Zara £22.95. I have been really wanting to tap into the snakeskin trend and this jumper is perfect! I love the grey and the snakeskin panel down the front, it looks great with jeans, but will also work tucked into a skirt. 
Bargain #1! Kimchi and Blue paperbag waist trousers from Urban Outfitters in wine... £10!  These trousers were originally £48. I really like the peg leg style, I bought lots of these this summer and think they look really good on. I bought a size small and they were still quite big but I liked the look so in the bag they went!
Bargain #2 Pins and Needles ruffle dress from Urban Outfitters £20 (was £68)  This dress looks huge in the picture but is in fact an XS and is very form fitting... I really liked the classic style and think it will work well for work but also at the weekend with a chunky cardi over the top. The polka dot dress is now sold out online but you can still purchase the claret red colour for the same price. (I tried this on also but wasn't a fan of the colour for a dress).
Can you believe the amazing bargains from UO??! Now as I have said before, I am not a very big fan of sales, I find them too messy and my OCD brain cannot handle the lack of organisation. I have never been one for searching out a bargain, I just don't have the drive or desire to do this. Today however, I wandered into UO as usual, completed my usual route around the shop, then started to look at the jewellery. It was then that I saw the polka dots out of the corner of my eye and turned to have a look. I really liked the dress and was even more pleased to see that the dress had been reduced from £68 to £30! I continued then to have a rifle through the various trousers and decided to try on the wine red colour as I thought they were a bit different to any others that I have. When I got to the till, the dress had been reduced further from £30 to £20 so I managed to get both the trousers and dress for £30! So pretty pleased with my bargainous haul : )

Well that's about it for today, hubby and I are chilling with Woody now, listening to fireworks and drinking copious amounts of tea.... good times : ) XOXO


  1. very bargainous trip, nice work! Xx

  2. I like all of your purchases! The Pins & Needles dress is very cute :) I'm also loving the top you have on. Polka dots are my favorite print ever.

    PS. Your hair is fantastic!


  3. I love polka dots too, its a print that never goes out of style! XX

  4. Love the snake print top and the dotty top you have on.

  5. very nice look,I like very much the blouse!


  6. I love the polka dot blouse you're wearing, you can't go wrong with polka dots! x

  7. Love the zara jumper !
    Next have some lovely snake skin blouses in :)

  8. I love the ruffle dress! I hope you can do a modeeling post soon :-) And of course the chocolate goodness on your arm looked amazing!

  9. Great look,hon!Love your new purchases!

  10. I will try to do some posts with me wearing the clothes soon! I plan to wear the ruffle dress this week to work so may be able to get some pictures then. Thank you all xx


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