Thursday, 17 November 2011

Stack 'em high

Hello ice cream sundaes, happy happy Thursday to one and all : ) I am pretty hyper tonight which is a bit odd as it is Thursday after all! I am so super busy at work at the moment, lots of my pupils have the first part of their GCSE exam in January so it's a busy old time, thankfully I am coping well although it may be a different story come the end of term! Still, I have that glorious 2 week holiday to look forward to, and hubby has a similar amount of time off so we're all set! : )

Today I thought I would blog about something that I love love love and cannot get enough of... I am talking about gorgeous, glittery bracelets! It's funny because I didn't really like wearing bracelets until a few years ago, preferring earrings and necklaces. These days however, I am always drawn to bracelets, and love wearing a range of higher end brands stacked up together, I think that makes such an impact. Here are some of my favourites ...

Jinkksy gold and crystal Bonita bracelet £65. The Jinkksy brand only came to my attention recently, but I really love the gorgeous, glittery styles, favoured by lots of UK celebrities. I like the gold tone of this one.
Pandora bracelet, £60 for bracelet and £25 upwards for charms. I absolutely adore Pandora bracelets, and love the idea of building up the charms and linking them with special memories and events. I had a gorgeous Pandora bracelet with lots of beautiful charms mostly bought by hubby but (oh my it pains me to say this!) I lost it when I was shopping... : ( I hope to replace it in the new year and start building up my charm collection again.
Pink Thomas Sabo bracelet £25. I have this bracelet and wear it everyday, it was a present for Christmas last year from hubby. I also have an engagement and wedding ring charm on the silver part.
Nomination bracelet. This Italian brand only emerged in Britain just over a year ago but I like the sleek style and the idea of adding charms over a period of time (very similar to Pandora). I plan to add one of these bracelets to my collection in the near future.

Jinkksy Love bracelet £42. I like the style of this Jinkksy, a little less bling, but still shiny and gorgeous. 

Does anyone have any of these bracelets?? I just can't get enough of them! Well that's everything for today, I'm off to bed for a little bit of marking and reading : ) Sooo excited for tomorrow, Twilight eeee XOXO


  1. Oh no - you lost a pandora bracelet? I'd be SO gutted! Hopefully you can get a replacement soon.

    I've got one & am slowly getting charms... I love it so much x

  2. I was completely devastated, cried for about 2 days! It's not just how much it cost, its the charms that are so linked with nice memories, e.g my house charm hubby bought me when we bought our house... : ( Defo will be replacing it, I loved it sooo much!! xx

  3. The Thomas Sabo bracelet is a beautiful colour. I got the Thomas Sabo charm bracelet for my 18th birthday and like your Pandora I am in the process of filling it with sentimental charms X

  4. Oooo I love the Sabo charm bracelet too!! My pink Sabo has room for two charms but I alternate between my rings one and a little credit card charm which I think is hubby's humorous way (!) of telling me I spend too much!! xx

  5. I love both of the Jinkksy bracelets, they're so pretty! I really like the Thomas Sabo Charm bracelets too, there's so many cute charms for them! x

  6. I don't have any of the bracelets, but I love the nomination bracelets as they're a bit different. Happy weekend xoxo

  7. Thanks for letting me know the stockists! Shame none of them are anywhere I might be going :\

    I've got a Links of London charm bracelet, I quite fancy a Thomas Sabo bracelet as well though!

  8. Your first bracelet is looking really beautiful.


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