Saturday, 19 November 2011

Making faces

Hello Cotton Candies, hope everyone is well : ) I have had such a relaxing day, I actually got up pretty early (9 O' clock), which is incredibly early for me on a Saturday! I did some banking stuff in town before hubby went off to hockey, came home, cleaned the house to within an inch of it's life and then spent the afternoon on the sofa watching the SATC film! I had forgotten how good it is, I really enjoyed it. My Saturdays tend to be completely manic or completely relaxed, after my busy day at the Country Living Fair in London last Saturday, I decided to make today a bit slower paced!

Today's post is one I have been meaning to do for a while, I love reading other people's make up posts and really wanted to share some of my key day to day products. It's no secret that I am a bit of a make-up junkie, I have been for years, ever since I was old enough to catch the bus into town and spend all my pocket money on make up in Superdrug! I still love to spend hours wandering around department stores and Boots, trying products on my hand, and buying more than I could ever use! As a result, I have one 'regular' make up bag (The Benefit Lana bag), as well as multiple other bags/trays/boxes that are stashed in drawers! I really cannot fathom how people go out without make up on, even if I am just popping to Tesco for milk, I always make sure I have a bit on, after all you never know who you might bump in to! Plus, I am pretty confident in my opinion that everyone looks better with a little glitz and glam : ) So here we go , my key products and a few thrown in for luck...

Where it all begins... I am currently using (and liking) Max Factor lasting performance foundation, it gives a good coverage and does last all day long. I also adore MAC studio fix foundation and rotate the two. MAC strobe cream is a saviour product and something I use practically every day. I apply a bit to the top of my cheek bones and my brow bone and it gives a gorgeous healthy glow (particularly good when you have a busy job and early starts!). YSL touche eclat needs no explanation, and Benefit boi-ing concealer is perfect for blemishes and dark circles alike.
Blushes and bronzers: I have to admit, I am a bit of a bronzer addict, I love having a healthy glow all year round, ghost like pallor is a no no! I always wear MAC bronzing powder as it's the best in my opinion and gives a lovely natural glow. I love Benefit blushers and favour the pinky toned Dandelion blusher, this gives a lovely everyday flush. The sleek and Vivo blushers are similar peachy tones (does anyone else tend to buy similar shades without realising??!) and make a nice change from time to time. I particularly like the Vivo one as it has a little shimmer and light reflecting particles that make the skin glow beautifully.   
The eyes have it: Eyes always win over lips with me, I could never leave the house with my eye make up on! I always wear eyeshadow, eye liner, highligher and at least 2 coats of mascara. Here are a few of my favourite products, I love the Benefit eye cream, it gives a gorgeous metallic brown shade and is incredibly long lasting. (lots of eye creams crease mid-day, but not this one!). I love eye liner, I tend to wear brown on a daily basis and black for dressier occasions. I have been using a Rimmel brown pencil recently that goes on easily and lasts all day. I also like the Benefit Bad Gal black chunky eyeliner for evening smoky eyes, and the Benefit eye bright is beautiful applied in the corner of the eyes and on the brow bone. Last but not least, I adore the Bobbi Brown gel eye liner applied along the top lash line for a fresh, perfectly defined look.
Flutter those lashes: Mascara is my desert island essential! I always have about 3 mascaras on the go, and love trying out new ones. I am currently using Dior show, Mac false lashes and Lancome faux cils. I only wear black mascara, and usually wear it on top and bottom lashes.
Eye palettes: I tend to buy eye shadows in palettes because the colours compliment each other then and can be worn together, I have lots of different palettes but these are some of my favourites, from left to right: Sleek eye palette, Chanel palette and Clinique eye palette. I tend to favour brown shades, and up the intensity for night time. I love the Chanel palette for night eyes as well, the purply shades blend amazingly well for a smoky look.
Healthy lips: I have millions of lip balms/glosses/stains. I like to have them tucked away in every drawer, bag, hubby's glove box etc etc so they are easily accessible. For years I only wore lip gloss but I have recently discovered the joys of lip stick and have purchased quite a few to try out. Here, I have a few of my current favourites, the little jewelled palette by Never too busy to B Beautiful is a gorgeous bright Barbie pink shade that is perfect for high impact night lips. The bright pink Lancome juicy tube is another Barbie pink shade that works well for day and night time. The Mac lip stick is a light shimmer pink that gives a subtle hue for day, and the Barbara Daly lipstick is a lovely fresh coral shade that really brightens the face. Lastly, the browny coloured lipgloss is by Clinique and is another nice day shade that lasts a long time and isn't too sticky.
Storage! I store my make up brushes upright in a gorgeous vintage looking holder from Zara home.
Tools of the trade: I really like Ruby and Millie make up brushes, I have had my current set for a couple of years and find them incredibly good. They are not too badly priced, they do not shed and they apply make up professionally. I also use a Famous by Sue Moxley eye shadow brush and a Bobbi brown eye liner brush.
A snap of me wearing some of the above! In this picture I am wearing the MAC strobe cream and Sleek blusher, with a little of the Benefit Dandelion blusher higher up on the cheekbones. I have a shimmery brown shade from the Sleek palette on my eyes, and they are lined with a brown eyeliner, with a shimmery brown eyeshadow applied over the top. I am wearing the coral red Barbara Daly lipstick on my lips, with a clear gloss over the top. 

Well dolls, that's a little snap shot of some of my ever-expanding collection, I fear one day I will need a separate room in my house just for my make up and beauty products! Right, I am off for a bit more of a chill with I'm a Celebrity and my two favourite men : )
My beautiful Woody having a snooze earlier today... just wanted to share with you! XOXO


  1. Lovely post, you look great! & woody looks adorable, I've been looking at the rabbits and tempted to get one, one kept begging at me and nobody elsse, flt so awful leaving it :P haha.
    Lucy xx

  2. I have been loving reading your blogs, but have yet to comment. I just wanted to bring your attention to another jewellery designer who I have fallen in love with in 2011. Her name is Annie Haak and her bracelets are lovely... I now own so many.
    Thank you for your fantastic insights and from one teacher to another... roll on the Christmas Holidays! x

  3. I love the holder you use to store your brushes! :) I'm a big diorshow fan too! I need a new bronzer so will have a look at the mac ones! x

  4. great post. Nice range of make up choices! really love the Vevo baked blushes X

  5. Thank you all : ) And thanks for your kind words Abi, I have indeed heard of Annie Haak but have not researched properly until now... I have had a good look at the website and have added one to my Christmas list! Thanks hun xx


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