Thursday, 3 November 2011

Queen of hearts nails

Hello strawberry cupcakes, how are you all today?? I can't believe it's Thursday already, really where do the weeks go?? Not that I'm complaining, after this week it will only be 6 weeks until the Christmas holidays, seriously cannot wait!!

Today's post is a nail of the day post, one that I created during half term with some new nail bits and pieces. My mum came to visit me and bought with her a little nail kit that she received in Boots when she bought an eye pencil from 17. (Don't mums always bring little bits and pieces with them when they visit?? I always receive a range of products, varying from beauty products, to washing up liquid, packets of crisps/chocolate and tins for my tin cupboard! Love it!) Anyways, this particular kit was of much interest to me, as I have really got into nail art recently, and the colours looked particularly pretty.

Cute little bag that the products came in... I don't know about anyone else but  I'm a sucker for glossy, girly packaging!!
The kit consisted of 2 full size nail polishes, one in a coral pink colour and one in a classic red. It also included a leopard print nail file (handy size for your bag) and some heart nail stickers, some in pink and some larger with leopard print.
Finished result! I painted my nails with a Maybelline base coat, and then added two coats of the red colour. I used a pair of mini tweezers from my Benefit brow kit to apply the little hearts to all of my nails bar the middle one, which had one of the larger hearts. I also added a large heart alongside the little one on the thumb. The stickers were surprisingly easy to use and adhered really well, I made sure they were super secure with a 2 layers of top coat painted over. 

What do you think?? I really liked the look and thought it looked quite different and eye-catching. It lasted 3 days without any chipping, so a pretty good result too. And let's not forget it is a free product, so I think this is even more impressive!

Hope you are all well, roll on Friday...XOXO


  1. Your nails are cute! I love the little nail file too.
    Lucy x

  2. I have that kit! Really like the nail colours x

  3. The nail colours are really good, good classics, they were easy to apply too xx

  4. These look very cute, especially the pink hearts

  5. They look fab Charlotte! I'm a sucker for nice packaging too. Happy weekend xoxo

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