Saturday, 24 December 2011

Brilliant Berlin

Hello twinkly Christmas-tree lights!! Wow it seems I have been gone so long from the world of blogging!  The last couple of weeks have been manic, a whirlwind of social events, meals out, trips to London (we saw the Nutcracker - completely wow!) and the last few days which we spent sightseeing and generally having an amazing time in Berlin! Tied in with all this was my last week at work which was busy busy with me staying late to get all my marking done so I am free to enjoy my Christmas holiday! I still can't quite believe I made it to the end of term, I am so grateful and in need of a lovely long rest now before the madness starts again!

Anyway, back to Berlin, well, what can I say, such an amazing city! I have previously visited Paris and Milan, and enjoyed them immensely, but I have to say, I think Berlin may edge past them in my affections just a bit (I adore Paris, so it feels slight blasphemous to say this!) There was so much to see and do, the city felt so cosmopolitan and buzzing, but not in the same manic and stressful way that London can sometimes feel. Even though it was Christmas, and people had travelled from all over for the Christmas markets, I never felt pushed along, or hemmed in, and we always got a seat on the tube, whatever time of day we were travelling! Our hotel was amazing, we enjoyed our free mini-bar, flat screen TV and amazingly massive bathroom.

We spent 3 full days in Berlin and used our time wisely. Being as acutely organised as I am, I had already planned where we were going, our routes and directions were all printed and ordered according to district. I tried to prioritise the main attractions, fully anticipating that we will one day return and continue to see other sights and attractions. We did a little shopping, however for once I was too enthralled and caught up in everything Berlin had to offer, shopping fell a little by the wayside! We did make a few purchases at the Christmas markets though, some lovely wooden tree decorations, and a wooden nutcracker to stand on my bookshelf at Christmas time. I also took full advantage of the duty free at the airport, and indulged myself in some Benefit products, some perfume and some gorgeous grey suede gloves. At Berlin Schoenefeld airport coming home, I spotted a Pandora shop, and am happy to say that hubby took the opportunity to re-purchase me a bracelet and 3 charms (I sadly lost my first bracelet a few months back). So I am well on my way to re-building my beloved Pandora bracelet again!

Just a few pics from our trip...

At the top of the Fernsehturm, a panoramic view over Berlin
One of the many Christmas markets. I tried to pack and dress for the weather but I was so not prepared for how cold it was going to be (hubby explained that Germany does not benefit from the Gulf stream in the same way we do, I thought he was talking about an airline...) On day one I wore my Forever 21 navy blue skirt with a vest top and cream Zara jumper tucked in. I tried to be 'winter ready' by wearing my warmest Armani Exchange coat, my new suede gloves, my Red or Dead boots and a Marks and Spencer scarf... needless to say I failed and I was bloody freezing!
Ferris wheel that we went in, I love the cute little carriages : )
Outside the Berliner Dom. We went on an audio tour around the Cathedral (by the end of the trip we were rather addicted to audio tours!)
We walked up 276 steps to reach the top of the Berliner Dom, so worth it for the amazing view.
On our first night we went to a lovely Italian restaurant in our neighbourhood. I wore my Urban Outfitters polka dot dress with a brown River Island belt and my warm boots.
Hubby outside the Schloss Charlottenburg. It snowed lightly on this day which was so Christmassy!
Outside the Reichstag buildings. I was blown away by the architecture and design of this building.
The Brandenburger Tor
By day two I had succumbed to the cold weather and purchased a hat in Jack and Jones. I am so not a hat person and resisted for as long as possible, but hubby kept insisting so in the end I caved. Glad I did, it did make me feel a lot warmer. (And will now be relegated to the back of a drawer!) This picture shows the Ritter chocolate factory where we made our own chocolate bars, I kept it simple and picked Smarties to go into mine. : )
Day three, I wore my Zara jeans with tights underneath, thick socks and my warm boots. I had a warm H & M jumper underneath my coat, and a lovely dark green scarf that I purchased in Vero Moda on Friedrich Strasse. This picture was taken inside the Sony Centre at Potsdamer Platz.
Just a little selection dolls, I took loads of pictures in total! I fully recommend Berlin for a city break, and even though it was soooo cold, it was so Christmassy too, which really put me in the festive spirit (as if I needed any help!) It was a great chance for hubby and I to just relax too, we chatted and laughed, made plans and just chilled in a way that its sometimes hard to when you lead such busy lives. Couple trips are so important for re-connecting, it was the perfect end to a perfect year : ) XOXO


  1. looks like you had a lovely time! the markets look cute X

  2. Glad you had a lovely time! Merry Christmas :-)

  3. Thank you : ) Merry Christmas to you too! XX

  4. Great pics!Merry Christmas, sweetie!:*

  5. Berlin looks lovely and the visit to the chocolate factory sounds really fun! Hope you had a lovely Christmas :) xx


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