Tuesday, 27 December 2011

December haul

Hello Christmas elves how are you all? I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas and received everything they asked Santa for! I was (as usual) thoroughly spoilt by hubby, I had sooo many pressies, too many to list, but they included Pandora charms, Philosophy products (one of my favourite brands), perfume, CDs and DVDs, Stila products and plenty of Lush of course! I was treated before Christmas as well to my Pandora bracelet and charms, which hubby purchased at Berlin Schoenefeld airport.

 In addition, hubby and I decided to treat ourselves to a couple of new bits after Christmas, and today made purchase one... an iPad 2! We were never  sucked into the marketing hype surrounding this product for a long time, but decided recently that it would be a good idea to have an extra computer in our lounge so we can chill together and still use a computer if needed. I have to say it is very cool, we went for the white coloured one as this is Apple's signature colour. Couple purchase number two will be a new LED TV which is long overdue! I was all for buying one today but hubby wants to research so we get the best possible quality. I am not fussed, as long as it looks good and is uber thin, I am happy!

Today's post is about a couple of purchases I made before Christmas that I wanted to share. I went to Bluewater on the 22nd December to buy hubby his last few pressies but couldn't resist buying some new bits for myself too. At this point, Mango had already put the entire shop in the sale so I treated myself to a few new pieces that will work very hard, suitable for both work and play.

New Mango dress, this was originally £44.90 and was reduced to £29.90. I love the classic style and colour and the way the dots get smaller and closer together down the dress. It also has a really cute rope belt tie waist with tassel detail. I wore this dress with my brown brogue style heels from Office and my Mulberry.
Mango skirt, £24.90 reduced to £14.90. I like the floral print and think this will work will in Spring and Winter alike. I plan to wear this with tights, flat boots and a jumper tucked in.
I have been searching for a soft casual grey jumper for a while and found the perfect one in  Topshop. This jumper was £36 and not in the sale, but so gorgeous : ) I actually lost this jumper, I think because I was carrying a million bags and didn't feel the bag drop. I checked with customer services today though and someone had handed it in! So pleased! : )
Black shift style dress £44.90 reduced to £29.90. I really like the on-trend leather details on the arms, pockets and neckline, and as the dress is so classic, it will last a good few years.
I am glad that I managed to make a few sales purchases because I am not anticipating finding many more. As I have previously blogged, I am not a fan of sales, and never seem to find anything worthy of a second glance. Today for instance, when hubby was in the Apple shop looking at the iPad, I had a quick look in Urban Outfitters and was massively unimpressed with what I found. So much of the clothing looked old and tired, and I know I would never pay full price for it so its not worth buying it just because its cheap. I think I have concluded that I am just not a sales person, bar perhaps towels, boxers for hubby, plates, boring essentials etc, sales are just not worth it for me. I know some people have to wait for sales, especially in the current economic climate, but luckily, I don't need to, so I think I will avoid them altogether! (Having said this, I still need to shop so will not be able to avoid the stupidly busy shopping centres while all these sales are going on! : (

Has anyone else had any luck with the sales? Or found any amazing bargains? XOXO


  1. Great items, noticed newlook have a similar floral skirt in now, for £12.99 :)

    Lucy x

  2. Oooo I always forget about New look! May brave the high street again in a few days but not very hopeful! XX

  3. Love your haul. The Mango dress is divine! Like you I hate sales so will be staying far far away.

  4. I love the black shift dress! I found the sales a bit disappointing - I'm going to New Look tomorrow I think so maybe I'll find something!

  5. Adore your dress Charlotte, it looks fab on you. I'm like you, hate the sales & generally stay well clear of them!!

  6. Yep I just can't be bothered to wrestle through a crowd just to look at a load of tat, all messy and disorganised! I instantly retreat to the full price section which defeats the object somewhat! Xx

  7. I love that polka dot dress you got :) I walked past h&m and new look yesterday but couldn't face going in! x


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