Tuesday, 6 November 2012

The day I was shocked in Primark

I promise I don't only shop in Primark. Far from it. I have returned again today after my visit on Sunday only to return the shoddy dress I purchased. I had a leadership course day and finished at 3 so took advantage of the spare time and dropped into town. Well. I managed to pick up a black and white vest in my size (miracles do exist) and in the process, spotted a dark purple dress that I thought would be good for work. Much of a muchness, simple dress, easy to change the look with cardigans, scarves, different footwear etc. I tried it on and just glimpsed the label as I was taking it off, and was shocked to see it cost £17.

£17. A small sum of money indeed, but for Primark? For a very simple, not-much-to-it dress? No siree. I will happily pay large sums of money for good quality, higher end items but £17 for a Primark dress? I must be getting tight in my advancing years, or else the effect of the husband is finally rubbing off after 9 years of togetherness. (Thank you S, I really do appreciate your financial management lessons...)

I might have also purchased a new scarf from Marks and Spencer as well as an advent calendar for me and the husband and some praline chocolate stars. I did manage to avoid the Christmas decorations that looked so inviting though <polishes halo>. Restraint is my middle name...

Finishing with outfits for the last couple of days, both work days, Monday normal work day, today more casual due to the course:

White long line vest top : Primark
Cream angora mix boxy knit: H & M
Plain jersey scarf: Cos
Dark leopard print skirt: F and F @ Tesco
Black tights: Marks and Spencers
Flat riding boots: Primark
Beige long line vest top: Primark
Cream thin long sleeve top: Cos
Silver open back thin knit: Zara
Tassel Piaf Scarf: By Malene Birger
Dark denim jeans: River Island
Biker boots: Dune
Black leather jacket: Zara
Grey wrist warmers: H & M
Bag: Mulberry postman's lock hobo
As seen above, my Dune boots arrived! And they fit, miracle of miracles! I swear I saw the husband visibly exhale when I excitedly relayed to him that they fit and I like them... I think he was having visions/nightmares of a trip to Westfield this coming weekend so that I could continue my search. Although I'm pretty sure I still need to do some Christmas shopping, and haven't we got some birthdays (including mine) coming up...

Only kidding S ; )


  1. REally love the last outfit & your hair looks fab all tied back!
    Happy Wednesday Hun xoxo

    1. Thanks hun, I often do my hair like this on a work day, so quick and gives me an extra 10 mins in bed! XX

  2. Yes - the prices have certainly jumped up in Primark - I think we were all spoilt originally with the very good prices and the market conditions have resulted in the "hike" in prices. £17 does sound expensive - I was surprised by the asking price of a pair of sandals this year for £15 but they were still too good to pass up. Have shopped less there this season - probably passed over for H&M who have been really good this year for cheaper things on the High Street. Some of the things are quite well made - just got to check it through first.

    1. Yep, Primark seems expensive sometimes now compared to what it was, but it's still cheaper than other shops so I'm not sure I understand my logic! H & M have been fantastic this year, Zara has always been my go-to but H & M is up there too now... X

  3. Have been meaning to drop by your blog for a while - thanks for the comment on mine! And thanks to Sue (above) for providing the link to this lazy ass blogger! Loving your look - how did your great blog evade me until now?!?
    And I'm with you on the £17 in Primark - they better not get cheeky with their prices now! The quality isn't up to it … good call I'd say. Love those vests tho…if I could ever find a 12 in them…Avril x

    1. Thanks hun, yes totally agree, the £2 vests are amazing, I have about 15 now! Quality pretty good too, they wash up well. XX

  4. Thanks Sue for the link here! I won't be able to keep away now! Love your style:) I agree with you Sue H&M have been fab this season...I do miss Primark though for some gems...always seek it out when I'm back in Blighty! Joanna x

    1. Ahh thank you, yes H & M have had a storming past few seasons, up there with Zara for me now. (Feels almost blasphemous for me to say that!) Completely agree, Primark is great for some stuff, it would be hard to be without it, and they don't even ship abroad! : ( Xx

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