Sunday, 22 July 2012

'Life's candy and the sun's a ball of butter...'

'Don't bring around a cloud to rain on my paraaaade'... hell yeah!  Weather-wise, the sun is indeed a ball of butter aujourd'hui and generally speaking, life is candy! The summer holidays are finally here, I have had my new job all firmed up and confirmed for September (so excited) and I am looking forward to almost 7 weeks of hmmmm shopping, sunning and sleeping??! Parfait mes amis, let me tell you.

Enough of the teacher-related 6 weeks holiday smugness, let me just take this opportunity to point out once again that... the sun is shining. I am not delirious, or hungover, the sun is indeed out in full force, warming us with his zealous and spirited glow (OK now I sound slightly insane, I'm sure it's the shock of not having to wear 3 layers of clothing and winter boots).

I have been reliably informed that the next week at least it going to be warm too, meaning that the summer clothes are going to have to make a return. After I packed the lot away in a fit of pique after another crappy rainy weekend. Feck it. Thinking about it now though, the husband and I are off on holiday in the next few weeks so I will need the clothes for then anyway. And I knew that when I packed them away, I was just so peed off with the lack of warmth, and the mockery my new summer clothes were making of me. Who knew the weather would drive me to such lengths?!

I have almost forgiven the elements after the beautifully warm day we had today. Upon waking this morning and clocking the strange and mysterious yellow ball in the sky, I instantly grabbed the husband, purchased some picnic food and bundled us both into the car with instructions to him to drive to a suitably outdoorsy national trust property nearby.

White oversize jumper - Zara
Cream vest top (not seen) -  H & M
Tapered leg utlility trouser - Topshop
Tan sandals - Marks and Spencer
Bag - Mulberry
Sunglasses - Missoni

Well that was today, other than this weekend, I have mostly been finishing up at work, which included sports day on Friday. This coincided with the Olympic torch passing through Gravesend, so we ferried the entire student body outside the school gates, lined them up along the road and waited for the torch to pass. The atmosphere was fantastic, I am very glad I got to see it and experience it with my pupils.

I only had my iPhone but managed to snap the torch bearer as he passed!

My competitive and stubborn streak came out in full force  during the staff relay race... I was the final leg  and despite the fact that I run like a robot, I won the race for team Patrick! Amazing feeling to cross the line to hordes of cheering kids!

Hopefully the blogging will be a tad more frequent over the next few weeks as work is (did I mention??) somewhat on hold at the moment... sorry no more smugness, I promise! XX


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