Saturday, 7 July 2012

Let's talk about the weather

Discussion of the weather in my household, on the phone to friends and families, in my school (and not just with colleagues but with the kids too, year 8s discussing our distinct lack of sunshine, I kid you not), even with till staff in Waitrose, has became as much a part of my day as cleaning my teeth. I feel like a broken record, playing the same sorry song, but somehow, if I talk about it enough, perhaps I'll be knocked sideways by a sudden and unexpected heatwave. Hmmm maybe not.

So I have pretty much accepted now that this Summer is not going to happen. Sob sob. I will walk around shopping centres with blinkers on, desperately ignoring the pretty summer dresses and sandals that are now half price, favouring instead jeans, boots and cardigans more appropriate for our cold climate. Nope, I will not succumb, ignoring the quite rational thoughts that tell me to buy now at half price and put away for next summer. Nope, I will be strong, and invest in the Autumn/Winter wardrobe instead (hubby will be so pleased, not!).

So, that's what I'm doing. Rejoice. I do like winter clothes so it doesn't feel too bad. And ever the organised bod that I am, I score major brownie points with my subconscious for looking ahead. A couple of new transitional pieces from Cos at Westfield a couple of weeks back begun me on my autumn-ready journey (more on that later), and today a little purchase from The White Company added to the forward planning.

Curved hem batwing top in pale blue marl £45. Lovely little layering piece, perfect with my new Mint Velvet scarf  (worn below)
Always in style: New Pandora charms from my lovely hubby.  This Monday  I passed my Advanced Skills Teacher assessment (something I have been working on for a year, and another reason I have been insanely busy recently!).  Hubby treated me to lunch, a little Zara splurge and my charms today to celebrate : )
New charms: Simon picked the study book charm to symbolise all the hard studying and work I have done over the past year, and a murano glass bead with lavender stars as he calls me his star!
And now for today's outfit, something weather appropriate of course, with a splash of summer in the form of my new Clarks sandals which I love and therefore have to wear!!  (Plus I was at Bluewater, hardly going to get rained on, even made hubby park indoors).

White vest top - Primark                                             
Beige/goldy jumper- Zara 
Tassel scarf - Mint Velvet
Black Jeans - Zara
Organza Shawl tan wedges - Clarks (now sold out)
Bag - Mulberry
Sunglasses -  Missoni

I may just be getting old but I have really liked the summer sandals from Clarks this summer. The organza shawl and organza wrap sold out so quickly so I was lucky to nab a size 5 in time. Love them, and so comfy with their padded insole (yep that's it, I am officially old, comfort over style all the way baby).

Until next time (when the weather will most likely have changed and I will be digging all the summer gear back out, harrumph). X


  1. I know what you mean, I feel like I've not stopped talking about the weather all week!! Congrats on passing your assessment, the new charms are a lovely way to reward your hard work!

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

  2. Haha it is a very British past time!! Thank you hun, I do love my Pandora XX

  3. Love the Clarks sandals - I'm all about comfort at the moment too, although I feel like I've been wearing my wellies most of the time lately!

  4. Those charms are lovely !
    Congratulations on passing your assessment :)

  5. ooh I REALLY like those shoes :)
    and what Summer not happening? I'll trade you weather, I am dying in 100 degree weather!

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