Saturday, 4 February 2012

Outfit of the Day

Hello dolls, hope you are all well and successfully avoiding the snow and cold! We haven't actually had any snow yet but apparently it's imminent, so I'm waiting with bated breath! The cupboards are stocked, the house is warm, come on snow, do your worst!!

I had an amazingly long lay in this morning, followed by a little jaunt around town and a little shopping with hubby. I bought a few bits and pieces in H & M which had sooo much new season stuff in, I was slightly excited to say the least!

Later today, hubby took me to Chiquito, one of our favourite restaurants.Today's post is therefore a little outfit of the day post : )

I wore my Mango black dress with leather detail collar and cuffs, a grey Topshop jumper over the top, black floral print tights from Primark, my new black Faith wedge boots, a Forever 21 horn necklace and my Mulberry bag. I wore my hair in a ballerina style bun which is a bit different for me, but hey, like to mix things up sometimes ; )

That's everything for now dear readers, keep warm and pray for snow! : )


  1. pretty cool tights with that dress, sounds like you had a lovely day :)

  2. simple and beautiful!lovely :)

  3. Thank you : ) I love patterned tights, they add a little something to plain dresses! XX

  4. the snow has arrived! really pretty outfit X

  5. I keep peeking out the window but nothing here yet!! Thank you ladies : ) XX

  6. I like the layered look, perfect for keeping warm and looking stylish! Hope you had a nice day :) I love chiquitos!

    Caroline x

  7. Me too! I had a lovely day, thank you hun xx Yep, layered is the way to go at the moment, the dress was short sleeved so I wasn't risking it!! ; ) XX


Thank you for all your lovely comments, I read each and every one xoxo