Sunday, 5 February 2012

And then the snow came

Hello snow angels, how is everyone today?? Well the snow finally fell here, I was sooo excited last night and couldn't stop looking out the window! Today hubby and I wrapped up warm and braved the cold! We walked to the lake near our house and fed the ducks, I was very concerned that they might not be able to get much food in this weather! Bless them xx 

Wrapped up for the snow!
The lake near our house was almost completely frozen over!
I don't know about anyone else but I love walking in the snow... find it very peaceful and restorative. On a different note now, I have a few new H & M purchases to share from my shop yesterday!

H & M dress £24.99. Hubby called this my 'green goddess' dress when he saw it yesterday! I love the classic style which is great for work but also any smart occasion. really. I really like having dresses like this in my wardrobe as they are so versatile. Love the emerald green too!
H & M dress £14.99. Love the ditzy floral print, perfect for Spring/Summer and so easy to wear. I plan to wear this while it's still cold with a cardigan and tights.
H & M navy cardigan £9.99. Just a little basic, I plan to pair this with the dress above.
Well that's about everything for today, I plan to spend the rest of my evening with my new stack of magazines, plenty of tea and some good TV! Bliss : ) XOXO


  1. It looks like you got a lot of snow!
    I love that green dress you got from h&m, it looks like a really nice cut and it's a gorgeous colour!

    Caroline x

  2. Yep it is a lovely fit and fabric, imagining it will last a good few years. We got loads of snow, about 5/6 inches I reckon! XX

  3. Loving your new buys! Had a fab day in the snow yesterday xoxo

  4. I can't resist walking in the snow either, it's such a rarity that I have to make the most of it x

  5. That green dress is uh-mazing.


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