Sunday, 30 October 2011

Viva la Vivo: Beauty Haul

Hello cotton candies, how are you all today? Sunday has flown by but the extra hour in bed this morning was much appreciated! I am back to work tomorrow but I feel quite ready for it, as much as I enjoy half term, I do miss my job and the kids I teach when I am away! And now I am returning, I feel like I am on the proper countdown to my birthday and Christmas, and all the fun things I have coming up soon! : )

Today was a nice relaxing day for me, I had a lie in and then got ready for something that I was quite excited about... after some intense research with my bezzie yesterday, I finally found a list of stockists for the new Vivo make up range and knew where to head to get my fix! As blogged about previously, I have been dying to try this new range of cosmetics after reading some excellent reviews from other bloggers, and in magazines. I had already tried my two local Tesco's but had no luck, so imagine my delight when I found a list of Tesco's nationwide that stock the range! There were only four in Kent, and the nearest to me was Dover, so I convinced hubby to come with me (pretending we needed some essential items for the upcoming week) and set off on the 30 minute car journey. I purchased a few items, and have tried them out already, very pleased to say they are all as fab as has been previously claimed...

Baked shimmer palette in chocolate box, £6: I was immediately drawn to the aesthetics of this product, I love the swirly eyeshadows and blush, I think they look a bit like planets! I love the baked mineralised texture of the shadows, and the rich shades. The fact that a colour complimentary blusher is included is an added bonus.
The range of colours in the palette: I went for chocolate metallic shades as I get most wear out of these, I love the metallic silver and gold undertones and the high pigmentation is excellent.
Lipstick in Spiced Cinnamon, £1.99: The colour and creamy texture of this lipstick are perfect for everyday wear, I love the metallic case too as it looks ultra glam. This lipstick feels moisturising and comfortable to wear and lasts a good while, particularly impressive for the price!
Baked mineralised blush in Cinnamon glow, £3: A gorgeous shade and texture, giving a beautiful glow to the skin.  The gold undertones highlight and shimmer but not in an overpowering way, meaning this blusher is excellent for everyday wear. This product really reminds me of a MAC mineralised blusher I have, but for a fraction of the price.
Ultimate base concealer kit £6: I absolutely love this product, and it is a real stand-out item for me. The kit consists of 2 blendable concealers that allow you to create the perfect shade for your skin, a pressed powder to set the concealer, an illuminator pen to add luminosity and glow to the cheekbone and brow bone and a brush. The coverage of the concealers is excellent, and the creamy texture makes them super easy to blend. The illuminator pen is a gorgeous shade that reminds me of my MAC strobe cream, and the handy pen formula is brilliant when you're on the run. Love it all!
Well that's everything I got today dolls, I can't believe I only spent £16.99 and got 4 amazing products for that price! I have always been a bit of a beauty snob in the past, only purchasing high end brands and names, but I am happy to say that the emergence of new brands such as Vivo has changed my mind about cut price beauty products! I will continue to mix such pieces in with my tried and trusted brands to create different looks and styles. I completely recommend Vivo and if you happen to spy it in your local Tesco, I would definitely recommend investing in a few bits and pieces. Brightens up the weekly shop a treat! ; ) XOXO


  1. Looks great, I love baked eye shadows!

  2. Me too, they go on so nicely and shimmer so well xx

  3. The colours in the shimmer palette look fab! Happy Halloween xoxo

  4. I really need to get hold of some of these, the colours look amazing and I can't believe how cheap they cost! x

  5. I absolutely love Vivo! The baked shimmer palette looks lovely, might have to try it myself.

  6. The eyeshadow palette is brilliant, I wore one of the shades to work today and it stayed on all day, no creasing or anything, such excellent value! xx

  7. Great products!Love the eye shadows!

  8. Seems like great makeup. I love eyeshadow palettes. Do you know if they also have colours for Black and Asian skin tones?

  9. The quality is excellent, really good make up. I'm not sure about foundation colours for Black or Asian skins as I didn't really look much at foundations, but they had a whole range of eyeshadow colours, lipsticks, blushers, lipglosses etc that would suit a whole range of skin colours xx

  10. Ooo, could you share the 4 stockists in Kent? I'm searching for them too!
    That concealer kit looks good, and I wouldn't mind getting my hands on that eyeshadow palette either - it looks gorgeous :)


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