Thursday, 28 July 2011

Daily beautifiers

I love beauty products almost as much as I love fashion. I pore over new products available, looks hot off the catwalk and tried and tested features in magazines, newspapers and blogs alike. Like most people, I have my favourite products that I am loathed to deviate from, knowing they deliver good results each and every time. Having said that, I cannot resist the attraction and lure of a shiny new product, promising so much and proving to be, at the very least, pleasing on the eye.

My bathroom cabinet is a good mix of old favourites and newbies; organised and styled by frequency of use, in height order, with all products facing in the same direction. A tad OCD perhaps? Maybe. I would not have it any other way though, I need to be able to see what I have at a quick glance, have easy access to the products I use the most, and not have a mini heart attack in the morning when I wake up and try to wash my face! My OCD has rubbed off on my hubby as the years have moved on - he is not nearly as naturally tidy as me but his side of the cabinet looks pretty neat too. Perhaps a sign that he has learnt the benefits of keeping yourself organised (or maybe that I am a bitch wife who nags way too much, and he keeps it tidy for a quiet life!)

So, for today's post, I decided to show the inner depths of my side of the cabinet, my daily essentials and recommendations:

Bottom 'frequent use' shelf:

Back row, left to right

Liz Earle facial care products (toner, gentle exfoliator and cleanse and polish hot cloth cleanser) Liz Earle is a brand I discovered just before Christmas and for excellent results on a daily basis, I have never looked back. This brand has won 64 awards and accolades so far. I particularly love the hot cloth cleanser as it removes every bit of make up and grime from your face and makes it feel all sparkly and new again.

Fake Bake Airbrush spray tan and mousse - my favourite fake tan products that deliver excellent results every time, and so easy to use. Read my full review here.

Elnett Satin normal strength hairspray - I love all the Elnett hairsprays. They are universally adored by beauty editors and celebrities alike and are simply the best for keeping your up-do in tact.

Bottom row:

Vichy day and night moisturiser and gel cleanser (far right green pump bottle). Vichy is another facial brand that I really like, and use every now and then so that my skin doesn't get used to one product and one brand. I find Vichy really good when I am on the verge of a break-out as the products control oil production well.

St Ives apricot facial scrub and micro-dermabrasion scrub. I have loved the apricot scrub for years as it is very grainy and feels like it is sloughing away old skin and make up. The micro dermabrasion is a new product that I thought I would try and can now recommend. It is less grainy than the apricot scrub but makes skin feel very smooth and soft afterwards.

Top shelf:

Clinique pore minimizer thermal-active skin refiner - another scrub product (can you tell I am a fan!) that I use about once a week. This heats up on contact with skin and feels all tingly as you rub it over your face. Leaves skin feeling clean and fresh.

Evian brumisateur facial spray - this was my survival product when on honeymoon in Thailand! Makes skin feel refreshed and re-sets make up.

Dermalogica stress relief treatment oil - this product was recommended to me and I love it. The smell is divine and I usually put a few drops in the bath to help me unwind after a busy day. Also excellent mixed into body lotion as it is extremely hydrating too.

Garnier body scrub - this has a gorgeous lemon scent which is really invigorating and refreshing. Perfect for use just before fake tan, makes the skin very soft.

Estee Lauder spotlight skin tone perfector - this is a great product for putting on after moisturiser. It make skin look even and glowing, and provides a perfect base for makeup.

Batiste dry shampoo - A lifesaver product, I really like the 'blush' fragrance (and the fact that the can is pink!). This product is brilliant on those days when you haven't had time to wash and go.

Fake Bake wash off tan - this is a great product for topping up your tan when you are short on time. This has a really good texture, goes on evenly and rubs in well. Just make sure you use a mitt to apply, or the colour will build up on hands and be near impossible to clean off!

So there it is, my day to day survival products! Have you tried any of these? Or do you have any favourites you won't ever stop using?? Let me know I love reading your comments! xoxo


  1. you have so many good products !
    i couldnt live without dry shampoo and my soap and glory shower gel ! :)

  2. Thanks hun x I love soap and glory, I have the clean all shower gel and some other bits, packaging is gorgeous too xx

  3. i lovee your blog¡¡ is very cool¡¡ kisses from Mexico :)

  4. Hi Charlotte, thanks so much for following, I'm following you too! I love Soap & Glory for everyday, it smells so lovely! Check out my OOTD post xoxo

  5. Thanks for this post honey!!!I love soap and glory!!!

  6. Baliste is amazinnggg and I love St. Ives products as well.
    I love this post! I am a beauty product junkie! :)
    Kerri at HollyMuffin

  7. awesome stuff! I used to use Vichy but then one day I developed a rash from it :S sigh, it was good though!

  8. great post!

    i use clinique and estee lauder too :)

  9. Nice to see we have the same taste when it comes to some of the products...;)
    Great post and thanks for sharing!


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